Subconscious Restructuring 

  Subconscious Restructuring  is the only clinically proven process to measure, monitor and control the power of your  subconscious.  The subconscious runs approximately four times faster than you can speak and at this point you do not even  know what it is doing.  If you consciously make a decision to lose weight, make more money or improve your  relationships you  are attempting to change your current subconscious programming.  If you do not know how the  subconscious works, you are  guessing how to obtain your goals.  It simply does not make any sense to guess what might  work while your subconscious is  running amuck.

  Subconscious Restructuring is the definitive standard for Life Coaching because no other program or institution has a  clinically  proven process for Depression, Motivation, Weight Control, Eating Disorders, Relationships and full control of your  emotional  state and behavior.

 How does Subconscious Restructuring compare to Spiritual Life Coaching?

 What is the first thing you need to do to reach higher spiritual ground?  The first thing you need to do is to fully integrate  the  conscious with the subconscious.  The only way to begin this process is to understand how the subconscious works.  In  the  second step of Subconscious Restructuring  (Subconscious Perspective) you put your subconscious on paper.  You then begin  the process of taking control.  The subconscious will not only keep you from attaining your goals it will also keep  you from  reaching your superconscious.

 How does Subconscious Restructuring compare to Emotional Intelligence Coaching?

 The basis for Subconscious Restructuring is all behavior is emotionally driven.  If you understand how an emotional stare  comes about you can intervene and change your behavior.  In terms of all other Emotional Intelligence Coaching there is a  question your need to ask: "Can I fix something if I do not know how it works?"  You must know how an emotional stare  comes about if you wish to improve your Emotional Intelligence.

 Does Subconscious Restructuring have anything to do with psychotherapy?

 No.  Subconscious Restructuring is a Program Process.  No one in the field of Life Coaching or psychology is capable of  proving  what they say they can produce.  Subconscious Restructuring coaching has however been endorsed by  psychologists because  this community realizes the importance of understanding how to fix a problem, not just talk about it  or give advice about it.

 The Subconscious Restructuring program process is $99 in person, phone, or Skype

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