Holistic Health

  What is Holistic Health? 

 Holistic Health is an integrative approach to well-being.  This means that all aspects of being, such as  breathing, eating, moving, feeling, thinking and relationship are considered when trying to create a balanced life.

 The Holistic Health counseling program is an opportunity to work one-on-one while reaching your goals, whether you are trying  to lose weight, reduce stress, or just looking for good health, or a more fulfilling life.  The purpose is to integrate every aspect of  your life, creating balance in daily living. This is a personalized plan that fits your lifestyle.  I offer you my undivided attention  specifically tailored to your needs.

  Start  living a healthy, relaxed, joyful, and fulfilling life right now.

 While most programs are based on willpower, deprivation and denial, my Holistic Health program focuses on what most people need, a plan that is practical, works with individual personal lifestyles, and is based upon unique individual needs.


Counseling with an emphasis on nutrition is offered in an individualized six-month program.  Why six months?  If you want to establish new habits, introduce new behaviors into your life, and see lasting results, it takes time.  The six-month program provides unconditional, continuous support while the changes you want to make take shape and become part of your life. Free introductory 30 minute session to determine if working together will be a good fit.


   The Sessions

  Each session will begin with a review of the previous session, and then build upon your accomplishments.  Together we will refine your plan to meet your needs and develop actions that will lead to your goals.

   The Six-Month sessions include:

  • Defining and setting personal goals
  • Integrating new and better food into your diet
  • Learning to reduce stress
  • Improving self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Taking consistent action
  • Self awareness
  • Learning about simple and lasting lifestyle changes

 The Six-Month program includes:

  Twelve 60 minute sessions, 2 per month (in-person, phone, or Skype)

  Health History and personal attention to your life and health goals

  Discussion of your personal concerns

  Action planning and goal setting

  Unconditional support offered in a non-judgmental environment

  Email support between sessions

  Helpful handouts and recipes

  Program Costs

   30 minute Introductory session Free 

   The Six-Month program can be paid at $30 per session, $60 per month or one payment of $360

   Payment schedule will be set at time of first meeting

Please call 505.603.3150 or email me through the contact page