Counseling Services

 Enrichment and Transformational counseling and guidance is a term to describe the process of emotionally and spiritually supporting change and personal growth.  This is growth, which leads to one's highest human potential.  I offer support to those  who are  in the process of self-discovery, and change towards a richer quality of being where body, mind, and spirit are  integrated.  While  my master's work was in Transpersonal Psychology, my approach is not strictly psychologically based.  If  useful, I will use life coaching techniques, EFT and consider wellness issues in these sessions.  Most importantly, I listen carefully  to what you want to  share and listen for cues about how I can best serve your needs.  Sometimes it is just nice to be heard.

 Midlife Transformation

Midlife Transformation was a strong focus of my Master's studies.  After experiencing a long "midlife crisis" myself, I was  determined to  be of service to others who may be having similar experiences.  My thesis work  focused on Women's midlife  transformation, but  what I learned can be translated to women or men who are     going through or trying to make sense of this  amazing, and  sometimes confusing, critical time in the life span process.

A counseling/guidance session focuses on your personal story, allowing you to discover where you are and in which direction  you would like to go in your life.  It is a process of unfolding and development.  A counseling/guidance session can have direction  and specific focus, but the intention is to allow it to unfold naturally.

​ Session Fees are $35 per hour in person, phone or Skype  

 Please call 505.603.3150 or email me through the contact page.